Saturday, March 6, 2010

Phones of the future, straight from the past

Last time I talked about today’s views of cool future phones. But we already own pretty cool phones, we’ve all seen an iPhone or a BlackBerry, and it seems that each new phone has something better than the rest.

But what about before there were cell phones?

Star Trek’s Captain Kirk had his own communication device. The “communicator” allowed Captain Kirk direct contact with his ship, in the event Kirk ever needed Scotty to, ya know, “Beam me up!” The man credited with the invention of the cell phone, Martin Cooper, says that Star Trek’s communicator was an inspiration for the world’s first mobile device. -->

Dick Tracy is a hard-ass, crime-fighting, bad-guy-catching, super-smart detective from a comic strip that ran from the 1930s till the late 1970s. One of Dick Tracy’s crime-fighting tools was a two-way wrist radio that allowed him to call the police department when he was in pursuit of super villains.

LG seems to have stolen this idea to make a device Tracy would’ve been jealous of. The touch screen wrist watch was supposed to debut last year, though I’ve never seen it.

Ever seen Get Smart? A comedy satiring the secret agent lifestyle, the star of the show, Maxwell Smart, or Agent 86, had phones incorporated into several of his items of clothing throughout the show. Most notable was his shoe phone, which, of course, required he removed his shoe each time he needed to use it. What if he was in a foot chase and needed back up? Well, I have no clue.

Last but certainly not least, everyone’s favoring falling-with-style toy, Buzz Lightyear. Buzz had a panel on the arm of his space suit that he could use to contact Star Command (or thought he had, since he was obviously oblivious to the fact that was a toy until Sid tries to kill them in as sadistic a nature as possible.)


I’m certainly less creative than the producers/writers/geniuses behind these ideas, so as I grew up, my fake cell phone consisted of: my hand. Lame, I know. But it’s a start right?

Anyone know of any other (what I’m calling) past future views of cell phones? Let me know if you do! They’re pretty entertaining…


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